My son started getting 3 colors by 18 months and about 11 colors by 2 years.. few things which helped him to learn colors is by asking him which color an object is frequently.. there are many learning youtube videos which have colors songs for kids. my son loves the below video and remembers many colors watching this video.. the colors song is .... Welcome to the magical world of The Learning Bugs where kids color and have fun while learning about numbers, colors and shapes at the same time. Free Shipping on Orders of $35 or More . ... "I bought these for my 3 toddlers to help them learn numbers shapes and colors, they are absolutely fabulous. My 2 year old now counts to ten, my 3 year. Create an abstract piece of art using geometric shapes and learning angles. Include acute, right, and obtuse angles and measure using a protractor to help name the piece, as the most common degree can name it! "This is 90 Degrees." Using the color wheel, use complimentary colors and add in value and shade to add depth. You can use canvas. "/>Colors and shapes - kids learn color